concerts i’ve been to + concerts i want to go to

Concerts are a pivotal moment of happiness.

They are moments where you can feel your stomach churn as you show your tickets to the guards at the door. Moments where you can hear your heart in your ears and feel it pounding in your throat as you find your seat or standing location, and the lights begin to dim. Moments where your whole body shakes with excitement as the stage lights flicker on and the opening chords scream to the audience.

Growing up, I was never lucky enough to go to concerts for my childhood idols. Bands like Busted, who were, growing up, my all time favourites, remained Live CD’s on my shelf rather than a performance on stage. I went to my first concert aged 12 or 13, one of the two, and to be honest, I don’t think my first concert experience was anything magical. However, I did enjoy myself, and so it was worth the money and the discomfort of being crowded by people around me, angled so we could see the stage from Block 5.

I didn’t want my concert experiences to end there, and so, since then, I’ve not been to many more. But, I do plan to see many more artists in concert in the future, and I thought today I’d share a list of those I have seen, and those I want to see, for nobody but myself to enjoy.

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goodbye, january.

it is literally both amazing and terrifying that january is already over. it feels like it’s only just begun.

january, for many reasons, was an okay month. like, it was borderline okay. i wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a brilliant month or a terrible one. it was just okay.

instead of creating, what i originally wanted to, a january favourites post, i’ve decided that instead of doing that, i will create a “goodbye ____” for when each month slides by. it’s a way for me to truly express my feelings towards things that went both right and wrong during the time span of a month and also allows me to look back in future months and probably think: “wow, i had it easy in january.” but we’ll see.

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