hi, let’s chat about my book + other stuff nobody really cares about.

woah– i’ve been kind of mia off blogging for a while, and there’s no excuse, really. i’ve just been busy with school + other things to actually want to sit down and write something on here. it felt kind of forced, which sucks, because blogging should come naturally. having been doing it for like 3 years, you think it would just come naturally to me, but sometimes, it doesn’t. so i pushed it under the rug, for far too long, and now i’m here to catch up and chat.

one of the things that was a lot more important than blogging was obviously school- i’ve actually finished everything i needed to do and now i can relax over the holiday- but, one major thing is that i’ve been really working on my book, and honestly- it’s going places.

and i’m probably very biased, but this book is a masterpiece. and i’m so excited to finish.

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goodbye, january.

it is literally both amazing and terrifying that january is already over. it feels like it’s only just begun.

january, for many reasons, was an okay month. like, it was borderline okay. i wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a brilliant month or a terrible one. it was just okay.

instead of creating, what i originally wanted to, a january favourites post, i’ve decided that instead of doing that, i will create a “goodbye ____” for when each month slides by. it’s a way for me to truly express my feelings towards things that went both right and wrong during the time span of a month and also allows me to look back in future months and probably think: “wow, i had it easy in january.” but we’ll see.

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bucket list of life

most people tend to create bucket lists as a type of yearly thing. they create these lists filled with crazy shenanigans to try and achieve them over a course of a year…to which i say hell no.

there’s no way you can do everything within a year. no matter how slow it feels as a day passes, a year goes by too damn quickly. and thus, it’s difficult, at least for me, to get everything i want doing done.

which is why i sit here, wrapped in white bedsheets and wearing the same turtleneck i have for three days, typing up my “bucket list of life: a bucket list, full of life”. it’s basically my idea of a bucket list reaching on for the rest of my life ahead.

i have no idea how long i have on this planet. and i don’t know how much of this will still be relevant to me in 1, 2, 3 years time. but for now this is it, and for now, i embrace the choices my heart yearns to make.

so, take a trip into my bucket list, grab a cup of tea, listen to a classic ballad and welcome to my world. (or some of it).

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