blogmas 🎄 hello, birmingham.

i feel as if it is standard for everybody within the west midlands- to say the entirety of the uk would be a bit of a reach, better not go there- to go to birmingham at least once in their lives. just once.

though, i literally went to birmingham for the first time aside from just passing through back in october, but the point still stands.

today, as a third installment of the “hello,…” series, i’m making a post about our trip to birmingham this morning and let me tell you, the blisters are somehow worth it.

me and c, who you will probably remember as chlop, went on a small trip into birmingham and trekked in doc martins and stan smiths towards digbeth, to our main destination of the day, the custard factory.

we definitely did not get lost.

we definitely did not argue on a main road.

we definitely made the most out of the day.

(nervous laughter begins)

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hello, weymouth.

honestly, i have been to weymouth so many times, that i could probably walk around all of it with my eyes closed. ever since i was a kid, i have been dragged, driven and dumped in the coastal town of weymouth- and honestly, 9/10 times, i cannot complain. it’s a ridiculously nice place.

and i’m not biased because i’ve literally been to weymouth my entire life. it’s actually a nice place. don’t get me wrong- i would love to visit some other coastal place sometime, too, but i feel as if weymouth will always be precious and special in my heart. i think, perhaps, it is because i’ve been there almost every year, in almost traditional fashion, and i’ve grown up visiting continuously. i like it when i arrive. the journey down is fun because you can listen to all of bts’ discography and sleep and eat snacks packed into recycled tesco bags because, oh boy, oh boy, we’re off to weymouth!

anyway…weymouth has done me well these couple years. and so when me and my family went on an incredibly long trip, it was the perfect opportunity to take some good, perhaps not good, photographs.

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hello, lichfield.

i get it, lichfield is probably not the most glamorous of places- but, it’s remarkably adorable when it comes to scenery. it’s possibly one of the cutest places local to where i live.

to honour its beauty and tudor appreciative landscape, me and my best pal, c, decided to venture out in skirts, tackling the british breeze, to lichfield itself. our cute trip resulted in walking around slightly dusty and stale-smelling antique stores, museums, the cathedral and a little bit of the good ol’ mcdonald’s.

either way, it was still a nice day and a nice moment to enjoy the breeze and the company of my friend.

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bucket list of life

most people tend to create bucket lists as a type of yearly thing. they create these lists filled with crazy shenanigans to try and achieve them over a course of a year…to which i say hell no.

there’s no way you can do everything within a year. no matter how slow it feels as a day passes, a year goes by too damn quickly. and thus, it’s difficult, at least for me, to get everything i want doing done.

which is why i sit here, wrapped in white bedsheets and wearing the same turtleneck i have for three days, typing up my “bucket list of life: a bucket list, full of life”. it’s basically my idea of a bucket list reaching on for the rest of my life ahead.

i have no idea how long i have on this planet. and i don’t know how much of this will still be relevant to me in 1, 2, 3 years time. but for now this is it, and for now, i embrace the choices my heart yearns to make.

so, take a trip into my bucket list, grab a cup of tea, listen to a classic ballad and welcome to my world. (or some of it).

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