2017 goals.

the first post on this blog was a post basically saying that i did not like the idea of creating a list of things to do in a year. awkwardly, i’m sitting here today to make a list of goals i wish to achieve in 2017.

this has also been in my drafts since the very start of the year but i’m lazy and unreliable-

i have been mia from this blog in a while, and that’s mainly because i was unsure if i even wanted to continue it. feels like a competition lately. i know it’s not, but it made me question if it was worth it.

but then i remembered that krdramas is my personal blog + space to talk and be free, and so i’ve ultimately come back to it. i have 7 drafts looming in my draft box that will be, eventually, uploaded some day. but, for now, here is my list of things to do in 2017.

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blogmas 🎄 penny for your thoughts?

got a lot on my mind lately. and i thought it would be nice to sort of vent everything out on my blog. hey- venting is healthy!!

so, excuse me, but penny for your/my thoughts? yes please!

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blogmas 🎄 how do you feel today?

since it’s quite far into december now, and i’ve barely been a good blogmas blogger since i’ve missed like 5 days out of the 9, i still thought i owed you a blog post, to make up for my tiny absence.

sometimes it is comforting to know that somebody is probably having a worse day than you. so here i am, offering you that opportunity to laugh at me. go ahead. it’s okay.

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blogmas 🎄 harry potter tag.

you all probably know by now that i am a massive fan of harry potter.

all of my friends know this. on the daily, people at school go, “oh my god there’s harry potter” or “she looks like harry potter” or “HIYA HARRY” and it’s annoying yet pretty sweet. so, even though that information has little to do with the context of this post, today i am doing the ‘ultimate harry potter tag’, or so one of my fellow bloggers “hoogwoorts” says so.

this tag is nothing but good fun and so please don’t take any of my opinions harshly!! i appreciate all opinions and would be happy if you did the same.

and by all means!! get all up in my comments, answer the questions- do you agree with me? why do you disagree? let’s bond over our love for harry potter.

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blogmas 🎄 a little chat.

i’ve totally been doing blogmas without even realising, and so i’m just going to collect all of my december posts into one collection: blogmas. i was desperately trying to think of a pun but nothing seemed to work, so, blogmas will do.

blogging is actually really fun…! i used to blog a lot back in 2013 and 2014, but i never stuck with a single blog for very long. i have an issue where i just grow bored of something and i love change, change needs to be constant and the feeling when something is fresh, new, clean cut is just amazing to me, so, sorry if i ever go mia on this blog- i am so very sorry.

anyway, i thought, since all i have been creating is photography posts and reviews on movies, i thought i’d wind down and just chat with everybody. if you want. if you don’t, then that is completely fine too! great!

but to those that do, then thanks. hopefully my thoughts can bring you some enjoyment.

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fantastic beasts and where to find them ♡ review + thoughts.

i’d just like to take full disclosure that this post was first drafted on sunday, so 6 days ago, and since then, i have proudly watched the movie 3 times since…so…don’t get me wrong. my opinions are very set in stone!!

since i am pretty much one of the most diehard, probably embarrassingly obsessed fans of the harry potter franchise, of course, your girl had to go and watch the fantastic beasts movie.

i am very grateful that my aunt took me earlier this morning- free of charge, what a saint- and i was so excited to sit down in a cinema and watch the wonderful wizarding world come to life before my eyes once again. sadly, i was never too invested in the harry potter movies when they were in cinemas, and so i had never experienced a harry potter universe centric movie on the big screen. fantastic beasts, being my first, has made up for lost time and so, since i adored the movie, i thought it would be nice for me to review the movie in a post for other fanatics and critics to read and enjoy.

get all up in my replies- tell me if you agree, disagree, tell me your favourite scenes and characters and species of beast, i’d love to share ideas.

and of course, disclaimer to all, that this post will contain spoilers to the movie and plot, but of course will also contain my honest opinions, no matter if they are positive or negative.

with this being said, let’s get onto the review!

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blogmas 🎄 hello, birmingham.

i feel as if it is standard for everybody within the west midlands- to say the entirety of the uk would be a bit of a reach, better not go there- to go to birmingham at least once in their lives. just once.

though, i literally went to birmingham for the first time aside from just passing through back in october, but the point still stands.

today, as a third installment of the “hello,…” series, i’m making a post about our trip to birmingham this morning and let me tell you, the blisters are somehow worth it.

me and c, who you will probably remember as chlop, went on a small trip into birmingham and trekked in doc martins and stan smiths towards digbeth, to our main destination of the day, the custard factory.

we definitely did not get lost.

we definitely did not argue on a main road.

we definitely made the most out of the day.

(nervous laughter begins)

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