[ sleepwalking ] the boy on the drawers


The first time I ever saw a ghost, I felt it before I saw it.

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concerts i’ve been to + concerts i want to go to

Concerts are a pivotal moment of happiness.

They are moments where you can feel your stomach churn as you show your tickets to the guards at the door. Moments where you can hear your heart in your ears and feel it pounding in your throat as you find your seat or standing location, and the lights begin to dim. Moments where your whole body shakes with excitement as the stage lights flicker on and the opening chords scream to the audience.

Growing up, I was never lucky enough to go to concerts for my childhood idols. Bands like Busted, who were, growing up, my all time favourites, remained Live CD’s on my shelf rather than a performance on stage. I went to my first concert aged 12 or 13, one of the two, and to be honest, I don’t think my first concert experience was anything magical. However, I did enjoy myself, and so it was worth the money and the discomfort of being crowded by people around me, angled so we could see the stage from Block 5.

I didn’t want my concert experiences to end there, and so, since then, I’ve not been to many more. But, I do plan to see many more artists in concert in the future, and I thought today I’d share a list of those I have seen, and those I want to see, for nobody but myself to enjoy.

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i miss high school a little bit?

a draft from july.

i remember, once, somebody told me: “you’ll miss high school.”

distinctly, i remember laughing at them. honestly, high school was the worst however many years of my life and i will never, ever miss high school. i’ll never look back and think, “oh, i miss this!” or go, “i totally miss having my teachers validate a boy telling me that i am a weeb and also anorexic by saying ‘he just likes you and wants you attention'”. do you think i’ll actually miss that?

however, i do miss high school for the socialness of it. even though i’m going to sixth form at the same high school, i am still going to 100% miss half of my friends who will be leaving me in september. i sat down and thought about all the memories i have made across my time at school and so, for sentimental purposes and for the fact that krdramas has been rotting for the past three months in silence, i decided to list all my memories in one. feel free to not read, i honestly don’t even care at this point.

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chapter three: sixth form life

So, I’m back, and I’m a sixth form student.

I joined sixth form back in September, but never really got around to talking about it due to lack of time, and also lack of motivation to even attempt to write a blog post. However, we’re looking at blogs and different forms and styles of writing in my English class, and so I figured that writing on here more would be beneficial, and also super nice to help pass the time.

Additionally, I really just wanted an excuse to not sort through my history folder that is overflowing with work that is not in order, but I promise, that right after this, it shall be done. In the meantime, let’s catch up, shall we?

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IT ♡ movie review + thoughts

full disclaimer that these are just my own personal opinions towards the movie. i have seen the original and plan to read the novel fairly soon in the future, and saw the newer adaptation yesterday. therefore, it’s pretty fresh in my memory and i have a lot of things that i wanted to say so i am making this review. please feel free to disagree with me if you want to, but also please respect that these are my own personal opinions.


First things first, I kind of want to start using proper capital letters and stuff when I blog because my fingers naturally type this way and it felt forced to continue writing in lowercase letters. Sorry for the change, but I guess that’s what 3/4 months of inactivity does to you. Secondly, today I’m here with a full length review of the movie “It”, which came out on the 8th for the UK (I think.)

As a horror movie addict, it was only natural that I wanted to go and see the new version in the cinemas. Regretfully, I will admit that I only watched the original a few days prior because I wanted to be sort of prepared for what was going to be in store for me when I went to watch the new version. I went to watch it with my Dad yesterday (September 9th, the cinema was pretty packed because it was the day after release), and I had a lot of things that I wanted to say about the movie. So, I decided to make a review and kind of keep my series of reviews going. I planned on making a review for Dunkirk, but decided against it.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s, “IT”. As always, there’s a spoiler warning so if anything gets spoiled for you, it’s your own fault!

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deep breaths.

exams are finally over.

i haven’t been on krdramas in over like 3 months which is insane- but for good reason. i honestly just did not have the time or motivation to sit down and write a post about how i feel, just to kind of validate that i am still a blogger, and that i am still alive.

well, yes, i’m alive, and yes, i’m still blogging. not always on here, but i’m always around. exams have finished, as said earlier, and i could not be happier about it. there were exams that i feel like could have been better, but i’m just hoping i’ve done enough to pass through nicely. fingers crossed.

i’ve been catching up on many tv shows lately and also slithered back into my xmen phase. honestly, can you blame me? the xmen movies are so freaking good. honestly, i haven’t dedicated my time to reading the comics yet, but i definitely want to in the future. will put it on my to-do-list.

while i’ve been gone i have also binge-watched all of the seasons of game of thrones. honestly why did i ever put off watching it? it’s seriously so good?

oh- and i also went to harry potter world. expect a video about that because it’s in the works and i’m proud of it.

just thought i’d pop by and say, hello, yes, i’m here. alive and breathing. exam free and fine. i hope you’re all doing well !


heart to heart.

you know, i read a story somewhere from a woman who said something along the lines of: “i am suicidal. but it’s not what you think.” she had a normal life, wasn’t harming herself, wasn’t particularly in a hard situation…it was just a constant feeling of “if i died, i wouldn’t mind,” and “wow, i actually feel like being dead would be easier.”

the fact that people from my school probably read my blog to screenshot and make fun of in group chats is the only reason why i felt hesitant to talk about this. but, honestly, i don’t really care- i use my blog to vent and to talk and so i will. today, on the 4th of april, i decided and completely came to the conclusion that i am suicidal. and it’s honestly not what you think.

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