hi, let’s chat about my book + other stuff nobody really cares about.

woah– i’ve been kind of mia off blogging for a while, and there’s no excuse, really. i’ve just been busy with school + other things to actually want to sit down and write something on here. it felt kind of forced, which sucks, because blogging should come naturally. having been doing it for like 3 years, you think it would just come naturally to me, but sometimes, it doesn’t. so i pushed it under the rug, for far too long, and now i’m here to catch up and chat.

one of the things that was a lot more important than blogging was obviously school- i’ve actually finished everything i needed to do and now i can relax over the holiday- but, one major thing is that i’ve been really working on my book, and honestly- it’s going places.

and i’m probably very biased, but this book is a masterpiece. and i’m so excited to finish.

the original plot of the story has changed a lot but still revolves around a single boy, and the idea was actually something that came to me during a harry potter marathon, which is definitely weird because harry wasn’t a murderer of any description (? i mean, he did kill voldemort, but that is besides the point), whereas my main character is. the story is very dark yet descriptive and i’m putting so much thought and time into it and it’s seriously becoming worth the blood, sweat and tears i shed for this fic to happen. i’m so pumped, honestly.

i’ve been writing since birth, was probably born with a pen in hand, but to see something that i have worked so hard on becoming something very promising right in front of me on a word document on Google Docs is beyond phenomenal. i never actually thought i would have the patience and dedication to stick to a storyline and make it into something otherworldly. my story won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but i am only 15 and i have so much time to learn- my writing will definitely be enhanced during college + uni and with lots of practise- and time to get better so i have faith that this book will be the beginning of my writing “career”, we shall say.

so, that’s pretty much why i hadn’t been blogging, and also because i just felt like i was being forced to write something. i wanted to sit down and be natural and real. to be honest, i don’t know what the correct category my blog would be under, i want to write whatever i’d like, to be honest, but i’m a little stuck on ideas so i guess that is another reason as to why i didn’t post. i didn’t know what to post. i really like doing tags and q&a’s because they’re not only interesting to read but also really fun to do. i might do more, especially themed around kpop because that’s pretty much where my interests lie, or some reviews on films or shows or books that i have been loving and also doing more monthly “goodbye…” posts where i review everything i loved during that month.

basically, krdramas is becoming a mess. but that’s okay. everybody has to start somewhere.

i hope you have all been well, and i hope you continue to have a lovely, lovely day and if you aren’t, then i hope your day gets better.

until next time!


6 thoughts on “hi, let’s chat about my book + other stuff nobody really cares about.”

    1. OMG thank you!! I’m actually like, seven chapters in, and the storyline has been something that I’ve been thinking about for over a year, and I just got scared that I’d forget and started to write it down! To be honest, there are parts in the storyline that have changed dramatically but I already planned what the ending will be, so now I can kind of go anywhere with the story but have it come back to where I want it to end, if that makes sense? But I literally had like four dreams about the story and I got so invested in the idea, I have like five WeHeartIt collections dedicated for the story, I’m in so deep 😥

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      1. Omf that’s amazing! I am so bad at coming up with endings because I just start writing and go off on a tangent😂 your posts are really inspiring tbh like I binge read them this morning and it makes me wanna write more😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m so glad! Honestly my blog is a mess, I never know what to write or upload so I just kind of…go for it, and see if people like the stuff I make. Mainly because my interests are weird and sometimes people can’t relate 😦 Still, really glad you find me somehow inspiring…!! 🌹

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