TBR february 2017

as said in my “things to do in 2017” post, i really want to take up reading a bit more throughout the year, and since january was my “test month” where i basically mourned the departure of 2016 and welcomed 2017 with hesitant arms, i decided that why not make february the month where my reading hobby kicks back in?

i remember as a kid, i was always an avid reader and to be honest, i still am, although it depends on the book i am reading. nonetheless, i want to create a list of books that i want to read and hopefully finish for the end of february and i thought for my fellow book lovers, i should share my list + you could give me more recommendations or something like that.

so without further ado, here is my tbr list for february 2017.


  1. the maze runner ➫ james dashner
  2. norwegian woods ➫ haruki murakami (so good, i want to reread!)
  3. battle royale ➫ koushun takami
  4. diary of an oxygen thief ➫ anonymous
  5. i wrote this for you ➫ pleasefindthis
  6. milk and honey ➫ rupi kaur

i definitely do not think that i will have a lot of time to read through the month of february, so the list is relatively short, but these are some of the books that i wish to read (or reread) during the month of february.

if you’ve read any of these books, or have any others to recommend, i’m open to suggestions! i’m hoping that these 6 books can help lure me in to the world of reading once again.


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