goodbye, january.

it is literally both amazing and terrifying that january is already over. it feels like it’s only just begun.

january, for many reasons, was an okay month. like, it was borderline okay. i wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a brilliant month or a terrible one. it was just okay.

instead of creating, what i originally wanted to, a january favourites post, i’ve decided that instead of doing that, i will create a “goodbye ____” for when each month slides by. it’s a way for me to truly express my feelings towards things that went both right and wrong during the time span of a month and also allows me to look back in future months and probably think: “wow, i had it easy in january.” but we’ll see.


✧ what was the funniest thing that happened to you in january?
although i cannot remember entirely, the only thing that springs to mind when i think of the funniest thing that has happened to me was probably any moment i spent with my best group of friends ever (we call ourselves snoop squad, mainly consisting of seven members who have been pals since year 9). they honestly make my day so much brighter and i hold so much love for them.

✧ what books did you read?
for christmas, i was gifted the entire collection within the “maze runner” series so i have been trying to read those! i’m still unsure on if i like them or not, though, but that is a different story.

✧ what is your favourite movie or show of the month?
i started watching goblin this year after seeing so much hype for it on tumblr, and i absolutely loved it! seriously, the graphics and plot and dynamics are insane. i also rewatched train to busan and it seriously never gets old! in regards to movies, though, i didn’t really watch many at all but mainly rewatched movies such as mulan, an old but gold gem, and the trailer for beauty and the beast was released not too long ago and i definitely want to see that soon!

✧ something that made you really proud of yourself?
probably making some progress in my novel and writing and also not doing too horribly in my mock exams. there’s definitely room to improve but i tried my best and that’s what matters most.

✧ what games did you play?
i was also gifted the entire “the walking dead” game franchise from telltale and even though i’ve played it before on xbox + watched pewdiepie play it, i seriously love the style of the game and the pace of it? it’s very cinematic and i really, really love that my choices affect the game and i don’t have to follow a particular course? and i’ve mainly been watching pewdiepie play “resident evil 7“, which, although i didn’t play it, i kind of want to after seeing felix play it for himself.

✧ did you travel anywhere?
to and from the fridge. no, but in all seriousness, january is a slow month in which barely any travelling actually occurs. the only long-distance travel i made during january was to huddersfield last friday to check out some universities.

✧ what food have you tried and loved?
since chinese new year just happened, i’ve somehow convinced my family to indulge in the rich and simply delicious chinese dishes out there and so i’ve been trying a bunch of new foods during chinese new year!

✧ which songs have you been listening to the most?
during the month of january, i have been slow jamming to these songs:

– excuse me ✧ aoa
– last goodbye ✧ akmu
– my last song ✧ martin hall [SPOTLIGHT SONG, i seriously adore this].
– umbrella ✧ hyolyn + far east movement
– round and round ✧ han sooji + heize
– and i’m here ✧ kim kyunghee
– i wait ✧ day6
– bermuda triangle ✧ zico ft crush + dean
– tell me what to do ✧ shinee

✧ favourite products, clothes and accessories?
my favourite product of the month has to be this deep cleansing face mask, it’s in a dark green shade and is seriously so so good for your skin. i’ve also been really digging the same turtlenecks for around 3 weeks and my collection (correction: GROWING collection) of harry potter socks.

✧ what did you learn?
i learnt how to be myself. not take crap from anybody and become less involved with other people’s business. be kind to everyone and try to live life for yourself! i also got back into playing piano which is super sweet, i’ve totally missed this feeling.

that’s all for january. in hindsight, i think january was the month where i both felt like i wanted to die and wanted to live. i have so much life ahead of me. let’s make the most of it in 2017.

hoping you have a splendour february. take care.


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