2017 goals.

the first post on this blog was a post basically saying that i did not like the idea of creating a list of things to do in a year. awkwardly, i’m sitting here today to make a list of goals i wish to achieve in 2017.

this has also been in my drafts since the very start of the year but i’m lazy and unreliable-

i have been mia from this blog in a while, and that’s mainly because i was unsure if i even wanted to continue it. feels like a competition lately. i know it’s not, but it made me question if it was worth it.

but then i remembered that krdramas is my personal blog + space to talk and be free, and so i’ve ultimately come back to it. i have 7 drafts looming in my draft box that will be, eventually, uploaded some day. but, for now, here is my list of things to do in 2017.

t o . d o //

  • publish my writing : because i haven’t been writing for like 11 years for no reason.
  • finish my novel!
  • hit 2k on my writing blog.
  • get good grades at the end of my gcse’s.
  • see bts in concert (if they decide to come to the uk)
  • collaborate with other writers.
  • cut my hair shorter.
  • learn how to successfully create little fringes for my hair like Taeyeon did, when will I ever-
  • f i n a l l y finish my piano lessons, why did i ever stop in year 5? (drags piano out of cupboard)
  • maybe learn violin !
  • be more honest with people.
  • work for yourself + only yourself; your friends will not complete your dreams for you.
  • be more confident and proud of my work and ideas and uniqueness.
  • eat healthier.
  • create “dearhol”, the youtube channel, being more creative + confident
  • watch more anime and kdramas.
  • try sushi.
  • finish game of thrones.
  • finish the walking dead on ps4.
  • try and maintain my instagram feed.
  • dye my hair? maybe?
  • stop picking the skin around my nails when i am nervous/angry/anxious
  • do the young writers again!! try and get published for the 4th time !!
  • learn poetry.
  • make more friends.
  • visit the forest more often.
  • walk my dog more he’s so fat-
  • try and learn how to skateboard again i forgot
  • blog more!!!!

even though this list is minute in scale, there are probably lots more things i want to do before the year ends. but i guess we shall see where the year takes me + hope for the best in 2o17. happy chinese new year, too. have a safe one!


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