blogmas ๐ŸŽ„ penny for your thoughts?

got a lot on my mind lately. and i thought it would be nice to sort of vent everything out on my blog. hey- venting is healthy!!

so, excuse me, but penny for your/my thoughts? yes please!


so, man, where to start…?

i have my final exam tomorrow- it’s only now just sunk in how important these exams were, and i admit that i’m not great at maths, so i failed my third maths text and i haven’t got the grade back yet but i just know that i did…i know there’s time to improve but it still panics me knowing that- oh man, holy shit, my actual gcse’s are next year???? mental.

tomorrow is my photography exam, and i’m going to be completely honest when i say that i have no idea what i am doing????? and not to play myself as the victim, but my teacher isn’t exactly a saint. i think my problem is the teacher; i don’t think she is a very good one and she is far too opinionated. there’s a clear limit to how much of an opinion you force onto someone, let alone a student, and the way she talks to students sometimes is just so rude…? she will blatantly say, “that’s ugly. i dont like that. you’ll fail doing that. someone else did that and they failed so you cant do it”…and that’s just not okay? you should carefully guide your students and instead of making them feel stupid, tell them where they can improve and what to change and what to tweak? i think she is far too controlling and i have a lot of respect for my teachers, but lately…it’s running low for my photography teacher.

i also developed a love for animal crossing again. that game is so therapeutic to play, i love it and me and charlotte, my second closest friend, always call eachother for (almost) daily animal crossing dates!! it’s very fun and takes the brain away from all the stress.

i’ve also stress cried at least ten times these 2 days. i should probably take a nap or something lmao

i also just got accepted into college- which is actually really exciting! my only concerns are that 1) i don’t really know how i am going to get there and 2) i don’t know if i am going to get a b in maths and science like they want me to…? cause, no offence to myself, but i am shit at maths.

also realising how not over i am over someone. they treat me very nicely as if i am delicate and they’ve always been there for me and man i just lvoe them ok

however i must stay positive and only hope for the best. there is a chance that i have performed better than i think i have in my mock exams and, of course, there is always space to improve in prep for my actual exams in may/june. spreading good vibes!!

but i think that’s all i have to vent out today. this blog post was a rollercoaster from start to finish but my god i feel so much better!! and that’s what matters.


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