blogmas ๐ŸŽ„ how do you feel today?

since it’s quite far into december now, and i’ve barely been a good blogmas blogger since i’ve missed like 5 days out of the 9, i still thought i owed you a blog post, to make up for my tiny absence.

sometimes it is comforting to know that somebody is probably having a worse day than you. so here i am, offering you that opportunity to laugh at me. go ahead. it’s okay.


i have decided, from today, the 9th of december, that i hate pe.

and i hated it before.

but now i really hate it.

it’s totally not because i got hit by the ball 4 times this pe lesson. it definitely made my day…


and i really do not see the point in pe lessons that consist of throwing floppy rubby balls across the hall to the team on the opposite bench, all in hopes of standing next to them and being hit by more rubber balls. there is literally zero appeal in that? who thought of this stupid game??

but yes, beyond my pitiful pe lesson, today was a big mess. i had an re exam this morning, which was actually okay, i finished within the hour out of the 1hr 45, so i was kind of worried, but i thought the content covered was fairly straight-forward to answer. but then my art teacher literally thinks i am the spawn of satan and so constantly screams at me to finish my coursework, despite the fact that half of the class are just as far behind as i am…

and the library was closed at lunch. i kind of cried.

i’ve been quite distant from this blog for a while, and not for bad reasons. it’s mostly been because i was so occupied with my tumblr blog and also my mock exams- my tumblr is doing reasonably well, so that is sweet. i also tried to even out my theme on instagram (cheeky promo, @dearhol) so it looks okay now. this blog was just, kindly, the last thing i was concerned about this week…please understand.

this whole post is a mess, but i’m sure that the posts will become better quality once next week is over and done with. let’s hope for the future.


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