blogmas ๐ŸŽ„ a little chat.

i’ve totally been doing blogmas without even realising, and so i’m just going to collect all of my december posts into one collection: blogmas. i was desperately trying to think of a pun but nothing seemed to work, so, blogmas will do.

blogging is actually really fun…! i used to blog a lot back in 2013 and 2014, but i never stuck with a single blog for very long. i have an issue where i just grow bored of something and i love change, change needs to be constant and the feeling when something is fresh, new, clean cut is just amazing to me, so, sorry if i ever go mia on this blog- i am so very sorry.

anyway, i thought, since all i have been creating is photography posts and reviews on movies, i thought i’d wind down and just chat with everybody. if you want. if you don’t, then that is completely fine too! great!

but to those that do, then thanks. hopefully my thoughts can bring you some enjoyment.

for zero relevance, i’m currently watching harry potter and the philosophers stone as i write this- it is truly blissful. it’s also inspiring me to continue writing my own book…which i want to talk about.

so, i was offered this amazing deal with an online publishers company with my own novel, which was to help me publish my book when it is finished. and i’ve been writing since the womb, i was probably born with a pen-in-hand, because i’ve always loved writing stories and poems and whatnot. and so, to have this amazing opportunity…i couldn’t pass it up.

the story is an original piece briefly inspired by the xmen movies/comics and also the harry potter movies/books, however, i don’t want to be too influenced by either as i want the story to be unique and original. whilst the storyline is very different to both of them, i have certain aspects that are mildly inspired by the harry potter movies- such as the house system in the academy. however, most schools in the uk have houses and so it’s a common addition…despite it being set in another country. i just thought it would be nice to add, and fun to add, too. but, there’s only so many colours you can use for houses and at my primary school, the four colours were red, yellow, green and blue- hogwarts colours. and so, i’m trying to take my spin on colours and hoping that they look good.

because i always picture my stories as movies in my head…and you can’t really have a pink uniform, can you?

i also have exams tomorrow- i’m afraid my revision wasn’t as great as previous years, actually it’s been rather poor, but i’m willing to make up the lost time today and tomorrow before 1pm when my first science exam is going to happen. slightly nervous, but hopefully everything goes well.

i also have a tip- brain food is a must before revision or any exam! most friends go for chocolate or gum (they’re trying that good old ‘if you revise with the same flavour gum and eat it in the exam really sneakily, you’ll remember‘ technique- have never tried) before an exam, i’m trying peaches this year!! i eat a peach in the morning for a light breakfast so i’m not overly full or starving, and i also like eating peaches throughout the day or for a revision snack. they’re so nice to eat…unless you’re allergic or you don’t like them. then don’t eat them. please.

but i think that’s all i have to say for today. i’m going to head off and do more revision, eat peaches + watch harry potter. hoping you’ve all had a lovely week and that the upcoming one is just as bright and magical.


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