fantastic beasts and where to find them ♡ review + thoughts.

i’d just like to take full disclosure that this post was first drafted on sunday, so 6 days ago, and since then, i have proudly watched the movie 3 times since…so…don’t get me wrong. my opinions are very set in stone!!

since i am pretty much one of the most diehard, probably embarrassingly obsessed fans of the harry potter franchise, of course, your girl had to go and watch the fantastic beasts movie.

i am very grateful that my aunt took me earlier this morning- free of charge, what a saint- and i was so excited to sit down in a cinema and watch the wonderful wizarding world come to life before my eyes once again. sadly, i was never too invested in the harry potter movies when they were in cinemas, and so i had never experienced a harry potter universe centric movie on the big screen. fantastic beasts, being my first, has made up for lost time and so, since i adored the movie, i thought it would be nice for me to review the movie in a post for other fanatics and critics to read and enjoy.

get all up in my replies- tell me if you agree, disagree, tell me your favourite scenes and characters and species of beast, i’d love to share ideas.

and of course, disclaimer to all, that this post will contain spoilers to the movie and plot, but of course will also contain my honest opinions, no matter if they are positive or negative.

with this being said, let’s get onto the review!


Q: what did you think of the movie?
A: i honestly loved the movie. i hyped it up so much in my head and it truly did not disappoint when i sat down in the cinemas to watch. i hadn’t put too much thought into the movie beforehand so i had no idea what to expect. it’s nice to go into a movie room and not know what to expect and be truly surprised when you watch!! however, i do also think that the movie was a little dark, scenery wise. i think that, in comparison to the harry potter movies, it wasn’t as ‘magical’ as i would have liked them, and the storyline was a little bit disturbing for some parts, including credence’s storyline, but on the whole, it was a beautiful movie with an excellent cast and story!! i just felt like there was something missing from the movie. i can’t put my finger on what it might be, though.

Q: who is your favourite character?
A: of course, i love newt. i’ve had a strong love for eddie redmayne since the good ol’ les mis days, he captured my heart then and there, and so seeing him play such a fantastic role in a movie that i have been dying to see was an overall bonus! however, i do also love jacob- he is a very entertaining character and i love the relationships between muggles, or should i say, no maj, and wizards!! very interesting and funny to watch.

Q: what was your favourite scene?
A: probably when newt and jacob explore the suitcase a bit more. i think the development of the beasts was gorgeous- they couldn’t have done a more brilliant job!!

Q: favourite beast?
A: i really love the big cat that appears whilst newt and jacob are in the suitcase- i believe it is called the chimera? i could be wrong. i am definitely wrong. it’s not a chimera, as i am editing this question on the 3rd of december, and i actually have no idea what it is called, but the big cat that roars and his mane kind of puffs out and he tries to snatch those little birdies- haven’t a clue what it’s called, but it looked cool.

Q: five bits you liked?
A: 1) i liked the relationship between newt and jacob. they created a friendship that was certainly unlikely and it was a friendship i hope to see more of in other movies.
2) to be honest, even though i was kind of irritated by tina in the movies, i really liked the ending. the actress who played tina came out very beautiful in the final scenes when she waves newt off and i really felt warmed by the ending.
3) the scene where newt tries to catch niffler in the jewelery store- it was too funny, i couldn’t stop laughing.
4) i also adore the scene where newt makes the ‘mating call’ to the erumpent. it was too cute.
5) i especially like the part where jacob drinks the giggling water.

Q: five bits you didn’t like?
A: 1) i felt as if the relationship created between tina and newt wasn’t as interesting as i expected? i feel like their relationship was rushed and too sudden, especially since tina was the reason why newt got into all of that trouble in new york, but each to their own, there will of course be people who disagree with me here.
2) any scene including credence and his adoptive mother made me extremely uncomfortable, so any of those.
3) the part where the senator, i can’t remember his name, is killed. although the harry potter movies showed a lot of death, i think the death in this movie surprised me and caught me off guard and the death itself was very grim.
4) when tina the snake ratted in newt and had his suitcase taken away from him :^( it was to protect wizards but still :^((
5) i can’t think of a fifth probably any scene with tina and newt i didn’t like the relationship between them hopefully it gets better as the movies go on

Q: queenie or tina?
A: oh, easy, queenie! queenie’s character is so cute, as soon as she appeared on the screen, my inner lesbian came out and i am completely head over heels for queenie. the actress they casted was such a good choice, i can’t imagine anybody else playing that role!

Q: a character you wish you knew more about?
A: other that the goldstein sisters, i really wish i knew more about credence and modesty and how credence became the obscurus. i feel as if their characters weren’t very out-there and obviously read, and so i think either when the book comes out or if the movie were to ever be remade, i’d love to know more about credence and modesty and the second salemers.

Q: a character you dislike?
A: touched up on before, but i felt kind of irritated by tina in the movies. just certain little things that she did made me very frowny in the movie and i felt as if, probably fault to the directors, that the tina and newt relationship had zero chemistry and was very boring and bland, kind of similar to harry and ginny in the movies. there was nothing there for me, and newt uncharacteristically grew close to tina even after she risked the harming of his creatures, he trusted her so quickly after she betrayed him and i don’t know, there was a lot of things that i wasn’t too satisfied with in the movie but i might just be too picky here. i also don’t really like the president, i feel as if she could have seen better days.

Q: things you would change?
A: i would have developed newtina a little bit more and perhaps added more relevance to grindelwald’s revealance at the end- it was very surprising and kind of awkward to watch (just me?) the transformation and as johnny depp just appears in front of you. it would have been cool to see some hints towards it throughout the movie and more information about him.

Q: little things you noticed and liked?
A: this is such a good question so let me make a list:
1) the relationship between queenie and jacob was relied on his mind- queenie singlehandedly fell in love with jacob’s mind and thoughts over appearance and whatnot. it just shows how brilliant their relationship is, and when queenie says, “there aint nobody like you.” it’s true because queenie loves jacob for his mind, and when she reads people’s minds, she has never ever found anybody quite like jacob before. it was such a good addition to the storyline.
2) i also thought it was pretty cool when mr graves gave credence the necklace with the deathly hallows symbol on it!! i thought it was interesting and not a lot of people seemed to notice it.
3) the way newt got all teary eyed when jacob is obliviated :^(( sad but moving + the magical umbrella that both queenie and newt used is so cute and really cool.
4) the way that newt calls himself “mummy” and “mum” to his creatures!!! totally adorable, newt would be an excellent father.
5) when newt loses his case in the macusa courtroom thing, i found the way he pleaded for the lives of his creatures rather than himself to be very powerful and lovely. he is such a flower i love him
6) the “are you a seeker?” “im more of a chaser, actually” the QUIDDITCH REFERENCE

Q: things you’d like to see in the upcoming books + movies?
A: the relationship between newt and tina more developed and interesting to watch, and not just a romance thrown in for the fun of it- please please add some chemistry and getting to know each other before they start to fall in love or kiss!! pls!!
i’d also like to see and learn more about newt and leda. i feel like this relationship is very interesting and also amazing that a slytherin, i assume, was best friends with a hufflepuff, going against all ‘traditions’ in hogwarts, i approve of this concept, newt falling for leda, i need this!!!
and perhaps learning more about newts expulsion from hogwarts and how he got to keep his wand + magic, unlike hagrid, sorry hagrid, we love you lots…and what is newt’s patronus?! what does he smell in the amortentia potion?!! i want to know these things.

Q: would you recommend this movie to a friend?
A: of course. i feel as if you could easily watch this before seeing harry potter, too, as they are little to no references to harry potter himself.

Q: would you watch this movie again?
A: of course i would! i’ve watched it three to four times now.

Q: newt or jacob?
A: newt.

Q: american wizards or british wizards?
A: british wizards.

Q: favourite magical “thing”?
A: the fact that you can go into a flipping suitcase or tent (cheeky goblet of fire reference, mr weasley u legend for having that wicked tent) and it being like the size of a full house. it’s genius.

and anyway, that brings us to the end of my review + sloppy answers of the rather brilliant movie, fantastic beasts and where to find them. overall, i loved this movie so much that i watched it four times.

is that enough to convince you?


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