hello, weymouth.

honestly, i have been to weymouth so many times, that i could probably walk around all of it with my eyes closed. ever since i was a kid, i have been dragged, driven and dumped in the coastal town of weymouth- and honestly, 9/10 times, i cannot complain. it’s a ridiculously nice place.

and i’m not biased because i’ve literally been to weymouth my entire life. it’s actually a nice place. don’t get me wrong- i would love to visit some other coastal place sometime, too, but i feel as if weymouth will always be precious and special in my heart. i think, perhaps, it is because i’ve been there almost every year, in almost traditional fashion, and i’ve grown up visiting continuously. i like it when i arrive. the journey down is fun because you can listen to all of bts’ discography and sleep and eat snacks packed into recycled tesco bags because, oh boy, oh boy, we’re off to weymouth!

anyway…weymouth has done me well these couple years. and so when me and my family went on an incredibly long trip, it was the perfect opportunity to take some good, perhaps not good, photographs.


as you can see, there were lots of photos to attach to this blog post…and the unbelievably sad part is that there were more and i proper limited myself…

but overall weymouth isn’t so bad…it’s a photogenic place. i’d go here to paint if i was a painter. but i’m not. so, that’s that.



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