bucket list of life

most people tend to create bucket lists as a type of yearly thing. they create these lists filled with crazy shenanigans to try and achieve them over a course of a year…to which i say hell no.

there’s no way you can do everything within a year. no matter how slow it feels as a day passes, a year goes by too damn quickly. and thus, it’s difficult, at least for me, to get everything i want doing done.

which is why i sit here, wrapped in white bedsheets and wearing the same turtleneck i have for three days, typing up my “bucket list of life: a bucket list, full of life”. it’s basically my idea of a bucket list reaching on for the rest of my life ahead.

i have no idea how long i have on this planet. and i don’t know how much of this will still be relevant to me in 1, 2, 3 years time. but for now this is it, and for now, i embrace the choices my heart yearns to make.

so, take a trip into my bucket list, grab a cup of tea, listen to a classic ballad and welcome to my world. (or some of it).

bucket list for dreamers such as myself
in no order of completion or wanting to complete

  • get five c’s on my gcses
  • open up a youtube channel
  • use this blog more to obtain a wider audience
  • see bangtan in concert
  • finish college successfully
  • study abroad for 3 months in japan or a year in south korea
  • attend university
  • go to three disneyworlds- florida, california and japan
  • overcome my fear of stairs and being home alone
  • move in with friends
  • meet online pals
  • publish something
  • travel to china
  • travel to japan
  • travel to south korea
  • go ghost hunting
  • go to scarefest or halloween horror nights at disney
  • own a shiba inu
  • finally finish the walking dead
  • meet bangtan at least once
  • do some modelling
  • work on walking straight (it’s an issue)
  • have a successful looking instagram feed
  • use tumblr more healthily and safely
  • visit these places: china, japan, south korea, thailand, italy, iceland, america, new zealand, scotland
  • spend christmas in new york
  • spend halloween in new orleans or boston
  • have a sugar daddy experience, just to try it out
  • roadtrip in america with pals
  • practise on my singing voice, maybe release some songs? that could be fun
  • see les mis in theater production
  • attend a movie premiere
  • see these people in concert: bangtan, crywolf, the 1975, big bang, gabrielle aplin, exo, fleetwood mac
  • finish a yearly bullet journal
  • create a scrapbook of memories in 2017
  • document my memories in 2017 for a yearly youtube video series
  • attend a lgbt parade, black rights protest
  • donate money to charity
  • visit africa and help in poor areas, fund tribes, donate water, build wells, save donkeys
  • get a tattoo collection
  • live abroad
  • get a gym subscription
  • eat healthily
  • get good at makeup
  • read more books
  • going back to modelling but i definitely want to model overseas
  • watch more kdramas
  • watch more animes
  • spread love not hate
  • love a little more
  • care for the planet
  • care for the people around me

and i’m sure there’s much more to add to this list as years go by, but there’s nothing springing to mind currently.

i just know that the grass will grow and get greener as days pass, and so i will embrace the day with open arms and take it as it comes. learn to love the life we were given.


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